The Joke Is Over

The press coverage of Donald Trump is nauseating. I don’t write often about the administration, or nearly as often as it is possible, because the entire situation seems like a farce. Almost a year in to his administration and nearly the entire mechanism of our political discourse, from the media to the government itself, has returned to the same stupid back-and-forth meaninglessness that established the precedent for his run to begin with.

While debates about his mental state become normalized, Trump’s various work behind the scenes pose legitimate threats to the future. Our institutions of discourse and process are in tatters and it would take a massive movement of societal denial to move on without change.

When George W Bush expanded the role of the Oval Office and its executive reach, there was an outcry on the left until Obama was in office. Instead of balking at them, he doubled down. Figures who take over the most powerful position in the world will not cede any to back to the people.

At this point, all that is required is one mostly-stable, pro-traditional-American-values, pro-cop type to take the Oval Office and suddenly the image changes from a man-baby running around pushing random buttons to someone who knows exactly which buttons they want to push and there are no more mechanisms of social protocol left to stop them.

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Of The Year II

Annual recaps are a strange thing. Some reads are very good and others very necessary. Most are recaps of recaps of popular culture and other entertainment. Yet, even though it was a solid year for movies, amidst this mass cultural judgment there’s a real question of What are we even doing?

Criticism itself is in a strange place, which might be one of the underlying themes of 2017. The killing of Net Neutrality, the class-war tax bill; even just this past month showcased prime examples of how power has separated itself from the consequence of negative public opinion—some of which comes from usually similar viewpoints.

(Obviously the year should end with an armed uprising in Iran while this asshole makes t-shirts, because that’s just how it’s been in 2017.)

I wonder if this is, perhaps, why opinions are given so much credence in our social structures now; as 2017 has shown, they’re all but meaningless in relation to our system of governance. We can only be critics of each other because those in power are all but admitting they don’t care what we have to say about them, 2017 or any other damn thing in the world.

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Wearing Jeans on the Golf Course

If there was ever a year that presented the question, Why even fucking bother anymore? then 2017 was it. Remember how terrible 2016 was? Everybody was dying and each day of the election cycle felt like a gut-punch and by the end everybody was declaring it the Worst Year Ever and then 2017 came along and was like, Yo hold my beer.

Everything about media and the news was awful this year. The success of Donald Trump was made most apparent in his ability to withstand any and all written attacks. His disapproval rating may fall even more yet, but he did just post a major win for the ultra-wealthy. It’s important to remember that the Trump administration is merely representative of a vast spectrum of ideas whose only common thread seems to be selfishness. What Trump championed from the very beginning was winning and doubt. Doubt in anything that claims you lose. That’s a toxic trait to inspire with.
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Every Post Would Just Be The Picard Facepalm

I’ve been trying to ignore politics, or at least not write about them, as much as possible lately. I can’t tell if that’s out of a sense of self-preservation seeing as we live in constant psychic death, or if it’s just I’m subconsciously preparing for the day when ‘politics’ doesn’t exist in the internet I’ll be able to afford.

You know how for every administration, they show the ‘before’ and ‘after’ photos to show how the years in office age the President? I think for Trump it’s the rest of us that should get the portraits made. The fact we’re collectively taking it as a win that Alabama didn’t elect a sex criminal to the Senate wouldn’t be funny even if there weren’t more possible shoes to drop out there.


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There Are No Words

Try as I might, I just cannot find any way to properly describe these days. We are knee-deep in Accelerationism and we’ve about passed the point where our established, pre-digital languages no longer have the ability to easily (or even fully) represent some of the farcical circumstances our minute-to-minute experiences now endure.

Political hypocrisy is nothing new, but never has the government been so brash about which interests are truly being represented. The nominee for deputy director of the US Census Bureau thinks competitive elections are bad. The nominee to regulate the Department of Health and Human Services is under investigation for price-gouging insulin. The ex-Verizon lobbyist and current FCC chairman, days from voting to repeal Net Neutrality, is also trying to stop states from setting up their own individual Net Neutrality laws.

And this is only the news from this week. And it’s Wednesday.

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