the pandemic diaries

as i have to push pause on a few projects, i've un-paused this one for the fascinating times we live in

26 03 2020 / 10:00

bernie sanders, yet again. absolute king.

25 03 2020 / 10:00

very much worried about the increasing social debate re: ‘the cost of human life vs maintaining the status quo.’ after sandy hook, the failure to pass any sort of subsequent legislation doomed all future efforts. the precedent is set, and god knows what would have to happen for congress act on gun control now.

america long ago normalized the prioritization of profits over people. the state is close to endangering the welfare of millions in an attempt to reconstruct an economy that was already broken.

how americans react to how the government and private corporations are reacting to this will likely have a larger impact on the history of this country than the virus itself.

24 03 2020 / 10:00

the stimulus debate is just a bunch of spineless assholes in expensive suits figuring out the math on how much they can give to corporations and how little they can give to the poor without people rioting in the street

18 03 2020 / 21:00

the fact “vote blue no matter who” people believe they are owed votes from the left because their dipshit brains can’t comprehend how donald trump was elected to begin with is exactly why we owe them nothing.