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To The Barricades Again

The Police At Church

A Fire In The Square

going through some boxes, packing things up in the studio, found some developed but unscanned film—these from (one of) the protests about the Trump immigration policy—if memory serves it’s around the time of the initial travel ban

still it boggles the mind that marches like these could snake through the streets every day and be simultaneously 1.) about some new hateful atrocity of governance and 2.) equally ineffective in creating any substantial change

PSU Students



16:30 / 8 January 2019
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Domestic Gross

Nobody releases decent movies in January even though it’s cold as fuck and pouring rain and there’s nothing to do because films all get dumped off at Christmas since a) the end of the year is the deadline for Academy Award consideration and b) why would anyone want to actually spend the holidays with family. So now weeks pass without any damn reason to go waste some time in a warm theater, furthering the proof that those in charge of national entertainment have put zero thought into the idea of when and why people need to be entertained.1

  • I understand Vice isn’t supposed to be all bad, but I’m just not ready to go and see something about the Bush years in the theater. Yes, The Big Short was awesome, and the financial crash was infuriating in many respects, but in terms of man-robot mass-murderers on screen I’d like to stick with Star Wars.

01:00 / 6 January 2019
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PDX 2016

… the days have passed but their feeling remains. I’m returning to Portland for the first time since moving out—sleep has become a dream and being awake seems to be a non-stop anxiety attack, blurred vision and counter-intuitive feelings …

01:15 / 3 January 2019
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