New EP; the first song was hinted a couple days ago. Vestige was composed mostly on the fly over a couple weeks of snippets and sound mechanics.

Portfolio-wide update coming as the night continues; for now, some music.

Nicki Minaj can be a fun listen (and at times, jaw-dropping), but pop-star girl rap isn’t my go-to. However in a world where Kanye West arrogantly (and incorrectly) declares his Warholian nature, I would say Ms Minaj is the true heir to the throne of Andy.

A meticulously prepared public image that exploits the mainstream fascination with identity while being coordinated with the most bold aesthetics of pop visuals? Standing up for women, in particular those who don’t fit into Taylor Swift’s gentrified dream? She’s a deliberate artist—at 32, she’s not a millennial searching for identity, but rather an adult who has found it and is pushing it to change the shape of the art world.

Which is why it’s so disheartening that the Times spent the introduction to her cover story profile for the Culture magazine talking about ridiculous Twitter fights, and a majority of the story having a pretty regular recap of the woman. How can music journalists, even working for The New York Times, be so boring that they can write thousands of words on Nicki Minaj and not have anything interesting to say?

I randomly came across Caspian years ago while living in Boston; I occasionally took photos for them, a few of which are still available.

They have a phenomenal new record out, and are playing in Portland with Circle Takes The Square (who I also shot for in another life). All ages of me are stoked.

It shocks me how simultaneous all of our responses to tragedy can be. Outrage, grief, horror; there are aspects of human nature that can only be witnessed under duress. This piece stemmed from the various forms of response that were accumulating in the ether; and the almost surreal experience that was Oregon yesterday.

With condolences to Roseburg.

Ali set up the studio upstairs and we recorded some music. He on the cello and synthesizers, me on guitar and samples. He mixed and mastered it while we both contributed ideas to the final edit.

(A slight re-imagination of “Like and Follow (Sermon).”)

Another punk rock summer came and went, now I just wanna go back home and turn up my stereo until the rhythm melts my bones ’cause I’m a Dead Ramone.