Against The Mother Fucking Machine

Once Killer Mike starts talking about the fear he has for his sons, all bets in the feels department are off.

I have a lot to say about the Ferguson verdict, but for now I think people like Killer Mike deserve the most ears and Mike The Killed some morning after respectful wishes.

For now, Run The Jewels.

Life Anthems Part 1

How can two guys release one album filled with anthems for life? I don’t know but this has been nonstop soundtrack since it dropped. Fucking incredible.

Any cow that is sacred will get deface’d
Like any tyrant murderer gets replaced, face it
The fellows at the top are likely rapists
But you like “Mellow out man, just relax, it’s really not that complicated”
Well pardon me, I guess I’m just as sane as you explain’ed
Or maybe sanctifying the sadistic is derange’d


This has been one of my favorite songs all year and now there’s a video that somehow manages to be just as beautiful and holy shit.

God’s Teeth

This Will Destroy You

This Will Destroy You · Live at Waterloo Records · Austin, Texas, 2008 · Click to Enlarge

This fucking song. (I mean, the whole record has renewed my interest in TWDY that I lost over the last couple years, but damn.)

The Look in Kurt’s Eyes

Mic Drop

Well this has to be the most fun I’ve had with a side one / track one in awhile. Holy fuck.

Pennies and Panic

In The Nervous Light of Monday

Circle Takes The Square

Circle Takes The Square

Circle Takes The Square

Circle Takes The Square

Circle Takes The Square

Circle Takes The Square live at either the Mohawk or Red 7 in Austin in late 2007.

I was working for two hours this morning listening to this before the sun rose and I have to say, these kids made some tunes that hold up. Also, I find that this type of shit is the only way to start a day/week off properly.

Not Safe For Mornings (For Most)

Uh, okay life. Game, set, match.

For one thing, it’s fucking awesome to wake up and see that Youth Code (along with MOCAtv) released a fantastic fucking video for what inevitably will be one of my favorite songs of the year. I’ve been listening to “Consuming Guilt” on repeat ever since it debuted on Pitchfork, and now with the NSFW new clip, the ex-Carry On act is showing some serious potential.

(Not to mention the anti-animal testing comes off as effective protest here with the form the video takes, as opposed to just being a PETA ad.)

danl145 [7:49]: Jeez this is fucked lol
Colin Smith [7:50]: this song i listen to on repeat while i paint
danl145 [7:50]: Hahahaha
danl145 [7:50]: That explains so much

And then it’s just like, adding a cherry to the cake of rebellion is the new and ban-worthy clip from DOOKOOM, and reading that interview over on Noisey will give a good feeling as to why the music just sounds so fucking … authentic.

I’ve never been a fan of electronic music, but the influence it leaves in punk and hip hop has been staggeringly effective lately. I’d imagine the next Nirvana type act comes from this realm. Maybe they’ll lead the charge to storm the barricades, who knows.

Mountains Made of Steam

A Silver Mt Zion

A Silver Mt Zion live in Nashville, Tenn. · May 2008 · Click to Enlarge

A Silver Mt Zion

A Silver Mt Zion live in Nashville, Tenn. · May 2008 · Click to Enlarge

This was our stormy ending. Water sank our boat. Shouldn’t we, oh, shouldn’t we throw our hopes into the ocean? The warm, gray sea? Tell me or kick me or hold me or please believe.

This is their busted future and this is our dream; which one do you believe in? Believe in, believe in, believe in, believe in together, together, together, together never to retreat. Mystery and wonder, messy hearts made of thunder.

Somewhere there’s a soldier sleeping in a field and somewhere there’s a mother. Please believe in gentle dreams. The sweetness of people, whistling in their sleep.

The angels in your palm sing gentle, worried songs. The sweetness of our dreams, like mountains made of steam.

Though I could never actually make such a decision, this would be a contender for my favorite song.