You finally caught that roadrunner and blew him up. I finally got it through my thick cranium. You wake up and get dressed and then you check your pressure. Are those covalent bonds still holding you together? I’m working hard at being my own MVP instead of feeling lucky just to have made the team.

How are you feeling? Are you healing? What’s it mean to be sealed to me?

If you want to finish you could run your minute and make your time. If you are without, well I’m full of it, so come take some of mine.

You gonna cast me away into outer darkness ’cause I couldn’t cover rent to stay at God’s apartment? I’ve got a shovel and even though I’ve hit paydirt. I’m really just happy to have gotten the work. If you could be the wind then I would be a leaf, because I’m finished with these pliers. Sick of pulling my teeth, yeah.

How are you feeling? Are you healing? What’s it mean to be sealed to me>

Storm on the bay. We all drift away. Your kingdom never comes. I ain’t no chosen one.

Heart stops beating. Float through the ceiling. Those gates won’t be sealed to me.

Jesse Lacey is going on 15 years of writing the perfect song at the perfect time in my life. Seriously, “Soco Amaretto” (2001), “Me Vs Maradona Vs Elvis” (2003), and then most of The Devil and God and half of Daisy. Now “Mene” and this.

I don’t know; I saw a face last week that showed me a future I gave up on a decade ago. We all used to be someone. I guess it’s figuring out who we become.

1. I remember seeing this live. The 90’s were dope.

2. Insomniac is Green Day’s true unheralded masterpiece. After Dookie, they take a single year and release the most impressive fuck-you to mainstream pop; full of resentment, bad relationships and drug use, it’s a fucking masterpiece of being a torched-up 20something. (Kids who had already discovered Jawbreaker probably saw this as a dick move trying to be a punk band they never were.) Still though: Insomniac remains one of the most influential albums on my life, along there with Slow Riot for New Zero Kanada, ‘This Is Our Punk Rock’ and Clarity.

3. That tub was filled with Alka-Seltzer. Also, that Demi Moore top.

4. There’s a sense of honesty in this performance that completely lacks in Green Day now; it’s nothing shameful. It’s just that you can see, at this point, there’s still determination. Billie Joe was still singing something, not just mouthing words to sing-alongs.

Disenfranchisement happens. Sing now while you can.

I am quite stoked for Montage of Heck. I don’t know, though; in a lot of ways, I’m glad Kurt is dead.

There are people who love Nirvana, many of them. And Cobain was a rightful artist. His death is interesting, though, because specifically with 1994 being arguably the peak of the American experiment, it’s like he died and we all slowly declined into 2015, watching movies about times when there was more hope.

Kurt got out while the going was good; the rest of us have to sit around, listening to Nirvana, watching ourselves sell out to the highest bidder just to get by. Kurt seemed to know life peaks for a certain type of person at 27.

(This isn’t to advocate suicide, but rather to simply recognize that those who feel estranged by society and mainstream culture will not cease to do so as time passes, and if my own personal observations hold any merit, most of the world slips further and further away. Life after 27 is not for altruists or the socially conscious unless you happen to be a masochist.)

I don’t even know what to do with music these days; there is just so much good going on. Like, last month saw Kendrick and Godspeed release new records. This Colin Stetson / Sarah Neufeld collaboration is fucking off the wall good. Brand New just put out a new song, as did Desaparecidos. I can’t deal with how good the new Earl Sweatshirt is. And this is all music that has a sort of urgency; meanwhile, the new Waxahatchee and Karen O’s live record are pure pop bliss.

What an awesome time to have ears.

OK, so I guess it’s time to binge Brand New for a while until this record comes out. Fuck Portlandia, this is the real dream of the 90’s.

So about 15 years ago, NOFX released probably my second-favorite album of theirs (behind So Long …). A single track, this is what American Idiot was before American Idiot ever came out.

So now kids who listened to that run orchestras, or something. This rules.

Kind of neat to see the transformation, even though I still think the original is near perfect in terms of punk rock, this new rendering is plenty acceptable too.

Other things to write, but this is incredibly powerful. Run them jewels fast.

Holy shit holy shit yes.

(3:00 in to the fourth track leveled me with that crunchy metal guitar riff holy fuck.)

I, like everyone else, have been listening to the new Kendrick Lamar in stupid amounts of repetition. My general thought is that it is a single piece of essential art that is not made with someone like me in mind. It also lacks a certain immediate demand to be heard; the potency of the record is in the relationship between nuance and gravitas instead of production and hooks. Somewhat reminiscent of Radiohead’s Kid A or Fucked Up’s David Comes To Life in which there was a genre that existed before those records came out, but said genre was given a hyper-artistic injection with their respective releases.

This is so good. I have been listening also to the drone masters of Hiss Tracts, and it’s good to see Karl Lemieux put some of his work online. (Still, recommended live at a GY!BE show.)



Can somebody who watches and is caught up on The Americans chat with me about it? None of my friends watch it and therefore I have nobody to talk with how disturbing it is to watch a guy get set on fire.



I have been working tirelessly on every last detail in Out of Mind. Having a proof copy is having one last chance to get it right. Tomorrow night, it’s off to the presses.