Other things to write, but this is incredibly powerful. Run them jewels fast.

Holy shit holy shit yes.

(3:00 in to the fourth track leveled me with that crunchy metal guitar riff holy fuck.)

I, like everyone else, have been listening to the new Kendrick Lamar in stupid amounts of repetition. My general thought is that it is a single piece of essential art that is not made with someone like me in mind. It also lacks a certain immediate demand to be heard; the potency of the record is in the relationship between nuance and gravitas instead of production and hooks. Somewhat reminiscent of Radiohead’s Kid A or Fucked Up’s David Comes To Life in which there was a genre that existed before those records came out, but said genre was given a hyper-artistic injection with their respective releases.

This is so good. I have been listening also to the drone masters of Hiss Tracts, and it’s good to see Karl Lemieux put some of his work online. (Still, recommended live at a GY!BE show.)



Can somebody who watches and is caught up on The Americans chat with me about it? None of my friends watch it and therefore I have nobody to talk with how disturbing it is to watch a guy get set on fire.



I have been working tirelessly on every last detail in Out of Mind. Having a proof copy is having one last chance to get it right. Tomorrow night, it’s off to the presses.


… well if this isn’t one of the most gorgeous sounds I’ve heard in a while …

Kendrick Lamar

On Rotation


Straight Trippin’

Returning to burning midnight oil to new trips. America: The Project in a way. I have some ideas.

Mystery and wonder did light up the valley to be beat back by dark clouds and a harsh reeking wind. And that battle staggered through 3 awful months there, to stop for a minute, just to start up again. Your hands like birds in the trees, if the trees themselves were all on fire. Your hips on mine make a choir singing “baruch atta adonai.”

And the river never made it to the lake so the lake surrendered to the mountain, and the mountain’s heart did fucking break at the sight of your nervous hands…

And oh my love, so gently breathing. So my heart does softly swell. So her & me did greet the evening with much red wine and giddy yells. In these times of wandering soldiers building towers on ruined land, I hold my love to my belly and feel her breath fall across my hands.

I have grown tired of the struggle and I’ve grown tired of making plans. It think i’ll quit to the valley, regain my strength and start again. Where once we were some clumsy army, now we are just lazy hens. I think i’ll quit to the valley until the light moves me again…

So, let’s link arms sisters and brothers and let’s promise not to retreat. There is glory in our failure. So let’s march to the rhythm of fatigue. To live our lives without leaders. To live in joy without fear. Let’s walk together to the valley. And let the light redeem our hearts…

Sometimes you just need something so obscenely beautiful you forget about everything else. The video is shaky, just let the music hold your wayward soul.

I have been alcohol free for fifteen months. I am retreating to the valley of America for six weeks this summer. Failure begets ambition. More info soon.

The Glow

One of my favorite things to do is compare the merits of each form of artistic expression as they relate to the human experience; a pro and con list for what different types of aesthetic are better suited for communicating a certain idea.

(it’s a wonder i don’t have ladies lining up to date me)

In all honesty, though, I have a lot of different ideas that I like to imagine being expressed in different ways. There are different means of expressing to each of the five senses and considering what is the most appropriate is sort of the what is in “Job Description” when you enter the “Job Title” as artist, I guess.

I have been hearing more sirens around town at night.

One thing painting suffers is a lack of intimacy; while the works of Rothko and Rauschenberg are personal favorites, I’m mostly contained to observation in book form. This has always intrigued me.

Books as art objects are rare and not totally appropriate; that’s more an interpretation of books as sculpture. The book can still be art while remaining its own form if that is the intent of the artist, right?

But right as the potential for books to be explored as abstract ideas was coming about, the internet happened and everyone lost interest in paper.


It’s A Thing

When you print a book, the very object that results gives the content an inherent importance; printing out a blog would make the blog more important. Resources in a tangible faculty create relevance in a tactile culture.

And certain things, their printed evidence, such as that Nostalgia headline I found in a Life magazine, have an almost art-like effect in their tests of time through immediate and primarily mainstream culture, like a single on the radio or a blockbuster summer movie.

(this will all become relevant in the coming days, as OUT OF MIND should be shortly proofed and approved)

Skate or Die

Night riding

I feel like the good karma I earned by never sneaking out of the house at age 16 to go get high and skate with my friends comes full circle when I decide to do that at 32 and appear just as ridiculous. Whatever, though, fuck it:

I am basically in a personal limbo while I finish up projects for two months. I have a plan. Come summertime things will be interesting.

Meanwhile: San Francisco and Oakland this month. East coast once the snow clears. Time to get back in the air.

They made electric chairs for his dying days
Last meals, no appeals for him to try and stay
On Death Row like Suge and the late Pac
Maybe he could dig a tunnel out of A Block
And wear gloves for the razor-wired gate top
Scared thugs going crazy in a caged box
Looking at the world through the TV
And they gone, rapping over beats from the tabletops
Ay! That’s how it is in a police state
When your life is just a number and release date
When you’re rehabilitated so correctly
And let’s hope that’s how you’re living when you’re set free

Seriously damn.

(Obviously regarding the last post, there are still mainstay obsessions and oh my god I can’t wait to hear this proper recorded.)