the excess of communication about everything has mostly rendered the entire possibility of the internet an inert farce while those who have grown to control it over the past 20 years represent nothing but the worst of how commerce removes all humanity from creation in favor of select profits

i have little to no faith in any action or organization, as at this point we’re just all sitting around waiting for the tower of these institutions to fall and see who makes it out alive

cradles and coffins

12:15 / 14 October 2018
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—not having the internet at home is becoming less enjoyable and more of a burden, for when I want to do things like “apply to jobs” and “post to blog” or “research something while working but not wanting to deal with a mobile interface”—

Have increasingly been thinking about the juxtaposition of living in today’s media-heavy, content-focused world: the dissolution of language creates a field of anarchy within the concept of contemporary art1 but also disrupts the social connection between art and broader meaning2. Artists—or those who would be called such in today’s late-capitalism version of Pop Art—and their supporters can say Haters gonna hate in the face of any critique and be applauded for their independence

(not that I am one to be in favor of critics or their field, yet the relationship of the critique of art versus its application is a form of social balance and has also just turned into another form of clickbait)

It’s not like this really matters in a day-to-day, practical-application kind of way. But art and the culture which surrounds it often influences the world in surprising ways, and if the world of creativity is wrapped up in defining itself against the pressures of the constant consumer economy then what hope do we have with politics?

  • Which I am for
  • Which I am against

Socio-existential Balance

09:00 / 12 September 2018
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Paris Sundown
Paris Sunset

Scenes from the Seine

“What should I do in Paris?”

I had to try to answer this question a few times over the course of the summer. I’d only been for four days, but it was still four more than anyone I came across heading to France. My response was usually met with a bit of confusion-Just go hang out by the river.

Culture interests me but planning doesn’t, so when I travel, I don’t scour message boards for places to eat, I just walk around until I find something that feels right. It also means that when I find that feeling, I will sacrifice exploring a new place for keeping as much time as possible wherever I may be. This is what happened day after day in Paris with the Seine.

I’ve lived in three cities that have a major river cutting through the middle.1 But this city, this river, made me forget about all of that. The way people would gather in the afternoon was evidence of an ideal. There was no pretense, just a casual and consistent joy for extended stretches up and down the riverfront.

There can be much to nitpick or criticize about American culture, but the differences between being on the Seine versus on an urban river in America aren’t specific. In Paris, there’s just more of what matters. More enjoyment, more interaction, more beauty. This is the most telling: there was nothing specific about what regarding the American experience lacks, just that it is lacking in a substantial and meaningful way.

  • Portland, Oregon (the Willamette); Boston, Massachusetts (the Charles); Austin, Texas (the Colorado). Shout-outs goes to Savannah, Georgia (the Savannah)—but that river doesn’t really divide the city so much as create the border to South Carolina—and Fairbanks, Alaska (the Chena)—which probably isn’t big enough to be a proper ‘city’ and is also frozen for a third of the year.

Keeping Time

09:15 / 6 August 2018
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