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First Friday Poster Designs

A couple years ago my friend Andrew and I decided to try and bring some more art to our block in the face of massive development and gentrification. Each month since we've hosted art shows at multiple locations, for artists and by artists. I do what I can to represent this idea in monthly promotional posters, handbills and other collateral.

The process for these shows usually involves waiting until the last minute, frantically arranging paintings on the walls while the audience begins to walk in and using the experience of time as a springboard to whatever happens next. The design approach is similar: each poster is done the night before the show with only a response to whatever the atmosphere may be at the time.

More posters and further information are available here.

Sound & Sight

The at risk EP

Asterisk is a project inspired by First Friday and the wide array of musical collaboration that occurs. Aimed at being a multi-artist act, the music is meant to be an ambiguous and shifting effort where input is sought out. At Risk, the first release, is an EP crafted from riffs, sounds and ideas forged over 12 months of playing with different artists and understanding their variations of sound.

Preview and purchase the record with Bandcamp.


In late 2016, the Warehouse where my studio is located began putting on monthly openings aimed at showcasing local artists. These shows would feature a selection of instruments where anyone was welcome to pick up, plug in and play along. These became quite inspiring sessions, which allowed me to experience playing with a wide variety of talent and pushed me to create stylistic adjustments to each situation.

An array of music is available free to stream at SoundCloud.


Lorraine and I make all the noise


...and I guess it started around age seven or maybe before, when I started drawing stick-figures, Ninja Turtles and the like. Today I practice multiple forms of expressive craft across a variety of mediums. An ongoing fascination with linguistics drives my approach: i create works of assembly & collage in whatever form they take in order to work towards a multidisciplinary language all my own.

(the standard laws of communication no longer apply in a world that has decided to abandon established norms of syntax, meaning and diction—art is the way to which i explore the possibilities of how a new method of discourse can evolve over the time line we're all drawn with)

thank you for visiting&your time

distortedperspective dot com was registered in January of 1999 and has existed in one form or another since then, experiencing the ages of early internet development, the web2.0 craze, blogging and the tech ascension and now is an attempt at a piece of constant art, an evolving form of expression that parallels the physical reality I endure every day