Reliable Comcast Connections As Personal Investments

I may have changed my mind on Twitter. Since the service debuted I’ve been vehemently against it, because who really gives a fuck about 140 characters.

Now though, I’m beginning to realize why it’s poignant. There’s just no point to writing out extended blog or Medium posts. Discourse and any sensibility in logical, extended arguments are self-indulgent in this day and age. I don’t know many people in this fight willing to change; however I have noticed how many are confused by trying to figure out which side they are on.

Donald Trump has been useful for one thing, and that is showing who actually has personal conviction and who simply adheres to what their side of the media lines tell them. Those of us on the left who are anti-war find themselves aligned with Trump supporters on staying out of Syria, much the way there was an alignment against the TPP. This isn’t left and right as neoliberal America would define it so much as it’s anti-capitalists and anti-globalists finding similar ground. If Congress had more than two parties, this is where dealmaking would happen and governing would get done; differing ideologies need not be opposed at all sides.

But that just seems too complex for now. Class war is in full effect. It’s the capitalists vs the anti-capitalists for the allegiance of the middle; it will all come down to which side those who are too lazy to choose one are willing to die for. Fucked.

April 8, 2017 at 3:57 am