i was having drinks with a friend in Portland about six months ago a day or two before i was leaving for Europe and he said, I don’t know how you do it, man. You can just go like that, no plan or anything. I just wouldn’t be able to handle it.

looking around the warehouse this morning I was thinking about that interaction. how my side went something like Sure but you hold down a steady job and a long-term living situation on top of having a kid. Give me half that responsibility and I will sit in the corner and cry.

two friends and I are starting this new space together, its shape yet to form but there are no shortage of imaginings as to what that will be. the confluence of events that occurred to get us to this point was a dizzying yet logical sequence where this all feels right, even though it represents a complete 180-degree change from where I was—mentally, physically, emotionally—just a few months ago.

it feels an awful lot like the last five or so years of life were practice for whatever game is about to come next.