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(specific opening times for each show to come; my solo show will likely open at 6, the Warehouse at 7, with music at 8)

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(this web site is an experiment in new media & publishing, a gallery as well as a document and piece of work in and of itself - and thank you for stopping by, feel free to browse, et cetera et cetera et cetera)

The brain is a curious thing and I feel like the internet offers a way to publish information that uses familiar constructs to create new systems of communication and understanding. This is an attempt to use the internet to correlate art and life through both idea and outcome. A kind of existential look at cause and effect; a portfolio of life as it adapts to the various professional and personal systems life demands.

Each gallery displays the latest work first; from within the feeds you can jump from ideas to projects to themes using the categorized links. The archives are consistently added to.


I have trouble staying still and on the road I take a camera and a notepad

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New York · Chicago · San Francisco · Alaska · New England · Texas

In an effort to examine the differences of individuals among a whole, I wrote and designed a book and printed 100 copies, each of which were then modified by hand to create singular pieces of artwork within the edition.

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Out of Mind
Out of Mind
Out of Mind