Wine and Moonlight Long Exposures

Selections from Peace & War

I have the most basic of tools with me; a few paints, a couple brushes, sketchbooks, cameras, notepads. Writing pop songs on borrowed miniature guitars and out-of-tune pianos, staying up late by starlight to experiment with long exposures and fire. It’s quite freeing.

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Escapism As Survival

I never really understood bar culture as a kid; people who would spend their days in and out of the same place, it just seemed a strange way to spend time and money. Even in my days as a heavy drinker in my twenties, I’d still only go to bars because they either served some sort of precious scotch or my long-time friends were around. It was only after my life shifted that I discovered the mousetrap of being a regular at a reliable watering hole.

There were many days I didn’t even want to drink, but I’d end up doing so just because it’d give me an excuse to see some familiar faces, to at least half-way socialize until I’d had enough to get back and tolerate the aging face of reality.

Good and bad exist within the world of drunks and misanthropes and I will fight anyone who says it’s just a blight upon society. It gives a rather forgiving, We’ve all been there and done that habitat for those hitting the rocks. A lot of great people live with a lot of great stories to tell. But at the same time, there’s the constant bubble of seeing everyone around you make self-destructive decisions. I shouldn’t drink turns in to Fuck it, why not, everyone is dying.

The same goes for living in America.

Being outside of the states, if there has been one curtain reveal so far, it has been that the insanity of living in America—especially following the news in this day and age—encourages a sense of powerlessness and selfishness that generally ends in spending money. The exhaustion of dealing with feeling everyone at all levels is just fucking everything up and that most of life is spent owing money to faceless businesses and being paid by deceitful executives … it’s an unending mentality of Fuck it, why not, everyone is dying.

I’ve never had a shortage of issues to deal with, but for the past six years or so, ever since the hope of Occupy Wall Street was forcibly cleared from the streets by the most over-rated President ever, there simply has been no reason to try. It’s rather wonderful now that the only reason I have to worry about being an American is the length to which I have to apologize for it.

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“It was a good time.”

Taken the second day in Amsteradm

I know that when I get back to the States a lot of people will ask So how was your trip and it’s like I can barley even comprehend it all right now and I’m not even one-third through it.

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About Today


Today I was sitting on a beam I’d helped to put into the wall of the house we’re building here and the most obvious thing just kind of hit me; American society and American dreams aren’t there for Americans, but for America. People aren’t better off for being swallowed by debt through education. Nobody is better off by capitalism breaking apart unions and schools and creating divisions between workers, except for their bosses. The entire concept of America is a public relations campaign to keep the rich in power, and the psychic fracture that happens to everyone else is just ‘part of it.’

Three hundred million people going crazy just to maintain the institutions that keep a few hundred in such excessive luxury that it rivals monarchies that are closer to relics than relevant, it’s all fucking nuts.

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Exploring Brantôme

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For the summer of 2018, I'm working my way through various European cities and towns while practicing more traditional methods of painting. Hopefully I'll be online only to post various scribbles from the road here and at The Post-Local. New & featured projects will return to regular updates in the fall, presuming I return to the States.

Thanks & good luck out there.


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