During the show at the warehouse there were four instruments and six musicians available. This is nine of many minutes played between various notions. I am running guitar and samples, Doug holds down on contrebasse and Natasha on keys and vocals.

I called it sad-weird-lonely-jazz, but to each their own with the label stuff.

Raised Fists at Last Call

Drew Natasha

Drew Natasha Doug



Doug Drew

Doug and Drew




Set at KBOO with Doug

I put on a show that kept people entertained, did a live radio set on KBOO and closed out the bar.

It was not a bad night.

Portland, Friday


I’ll probably be playing a new Obstrepitum tune at this, and showing at least one new painting. There are other slated artists and performers as well. We’ll keep the beer cheap.


There’s a new column in the New York Times opinion pages: The Week in Hate.

For a while I believed the world could turn itself around; that at some point enough would be enough. Now it feels more like winter; as a kid at the top of a very steep hill on a sled who just got pushed. There’s no turning back now, this is a hold-on-until-the-bottom situation. Capitalism bested communism and now it’s taken up arms against democracy. (And winning.)

The calm, back-to-work nature of people has me thinking none of them read any history, or at least not enough to realize we are witnessing it right now in a holy-fuck-this-is-real sort of way. It took one bullet to start America’s first war and one bullet to start the world’s first. At both those moments in history, there was social unrest and disputes over the direction of the future. In this era, a bullet could start a civil war or a global one or fucking both. And if there’s one thing America has, it’s a fuck ton of bullets.

Trump hasn’t been President-Elect for a month yet and they’re beginning a dialogue floating a national registry of Muslims.

I’m sick of hearing people say, “That’s preposterous, it would never happen.”

Through The Fall

they say the light is a million years away
they say nobody knows anything
they say there’s nothing left to say
they don’t say they don’t say

yeah they said this game was rigged
but i learned it all on my own
the last time i watched television
the rich were making entertainment of the poor

for all the riots in the streets
imagined by the fire in our hearts
we are building the rest of everything
we will not start with a wall

The Danger In A Chance

Media institutions help set agendas and frame political debates each election cycle. But with Trump, they helped normalize and legitimize a candidate who never should’ve come close to attaining such power. Through false equivalence and a lack of substantive policy coverage, the media elevated a far-right politics that should’ve been delegitimized the moment it reared its head.

— “Yellow Journalism, Orange President” by Victor Pickard

It has been blowing my mind lately how “Give Peace A Chance” became a bumper sticker but “Give Trump A Chance” is a national fucking dialogue.

America is a place that seems to say, Let’s worry about that when we get there. Times like this we’re asking, How the fuck did we get here?

And where we go from now on is so uncertain we can’t do anything but worry.

In Passing

The Passenger · Click to Enlarge

Under Construction

Under Construction · Click to Enlarge

Signs of Storms To Come

Signs of Storms Yet To Come · Click to Enlarge


Midtown · Click to Enlarge

Back Alleys

Back Alleys · Click to Enlarge

New York in Fall

Flatiorn District

Flatiron District

Union Square

Union Square

The Way Things Grow To Be

It may be kind of an important thing that happened and there is not a goddamn person to talk with it about.

Hope In The Rebellion

Maybe George Lucas got out of the game because he didn’t want to make documentaries. This can’t get released any sooner?