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As I’m writing this, there is an active shooter situation at a university in Colorado—a situation that doesn’t even warrant the largest headline on a major news outlet. The fact that Nor’Easters happen less frequently than school shootings and are therefore the bigger news story … I mean, I just don’t even know how to write about this shit anymore.

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The Echoes of Inaction

This is disgusting. Not that Marco Rubio finally got put in the hot seat, but that it took a nation of adults watching children slaughter each other—in classrooms, for twenty years—before they then … sat around Tweeting while they let the children also ask the question, “Why is this happening?” to an elected official.

It’s fucking dystopic that paid, professional reporters would propagate a system that allows these shills and empty shirts sitting in Congress and the White House avoid tough questions regarding the influence of lobbyists and the responsibilities of a democratic government.

I get a lot of people telling me I bitch too much about capitalism, but find any reason in the world why so-called responsible adults will let children shoot each other in the back walking out of class that isn’t tied to who gets paid at the end of the day. The ruling class will not care about school shootings unless one happens at some private prep academy where a kid with an inherited future in the C-suite of a Forutne 500 company dies.

This fucking country.

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Words With No Shape

After the election of Donald Trump, a lot of clever media types decided to name-drop Idiocracy, Mike Judge’s criminally underrated decade-old movie about America getting dumber and more corporate over time, as a reference to our current time. Like, Ha ha, oh how life can mimic art!

The media, of course, is so fucking incompetent they can’t even create a decent metaphor about our current social situation with the entirety of American popular culture to reference. We don’t live in the world of Idiocracy, we live in the world of Honey, I Shrunk The Kids.

What has happened—especially since the 2016 election—is a broad but ill-defined shift in what words mean. In the movie, it’s very obvious that though a blade of grass is still a blade of grass, it’s now also something completely different because it is giant.

The reality we used to inhabit, before the effects of the concentrated power from how the internet works were of concern to anyone, is gone. It looks and feels the same, but the way we described the world before the internet, and especially before 2016, simply falls short of our current experience. And this lack of cohesive language to build up society with is far more dangerous than an orange idiot with term limits.

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The Joke Is Over

The press coverage of Donald Trump is nauseating. I don’t write often about the administration, or nearly as often as it is possible, because the entire situation seems like a farce. Almost a year in to his administration and nearly the entire mechanism of our political discourse, from the media to the government itself, has returned to the same stupid back-and-forth meaninglessness that established the precedent for his run to begin with.

While debates about his mental state become normalized, Trump’s various work behind the scenes pose legitimate threats to the future. Our institutions of discourse and process are in tatters and it would take a massive movement of societal denial to move on without change.

When George W Bush expanded the role of the Oval Office and its executive reach, there was an outcry on the left until Obama was in office. Instead of balking at them, he doubled down. Figures who take over the most powerful position in the world will not cede any to back to the people.

At this point, all that is required is one mostly-stable, pro-traditional-American-values, pro-cop type to take the Oval Office and suddenly the image changes from a man-baby running around pushing random buttons to someone who knows exactly which buttons they want to push and there are no more mechanisms of social protocol left to stop them.

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Clicking For A Fix

Looking back over my more questionable calls of 2017, one I keep coming back to was the sum total of my time in front of a screen. Watching Netflix for no reason, checking and re-checking the same apps, playing games with no point. Repeat.

I’m no stranger to addiction, and while Media is a pretty broad subject, I’ve at least been able to quit drinking before. The idea of living without a screen seems as preposterous as it does impossible; I’d imagine for most under the age of 45 that switch would come as quite a shock to the system. Yet these assumptions are admittedly unreasonable.1 These are all aspects of an addiction.
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